Celebrities with the BEST SKIN

We were having brunch with some friends at Southern Sun, when a very popular socialite walked in, and immediately our conversation turned into her impeccable SKIN! This socialite in her 50’s looked flawless and very much like she was in her 30’s, so we all started talking about celebrities and socialites we believed had the best skin!

and so a list was made!

Below are a list of Nigerian celebrities we believe have the best skin! having met some of these ladies in person, we can tell you that they are as blemish free as they are in pictures!

So who do you think out of all of them has the best skin? or better yet, who is missing from this list?


Lisa Folawiyo, Designer Jewel by Lisa

Honestly whatever Lisa is eating, drinking, or not eating and drinking, I’d like to know because she is flawless! looking at her you would not know she is married with kids! because she looks soo young!! and to top it off, she has such a gorgeous smile!!



Caroline Danjuma

I mean need we say more? she honestly looks like she bathes in milk!



Funke Fowler-Kuku, CEO Leila Fowler

Funke’s skin is so flawless that she does not need to wear makeup, which she rarely does and her hair? OMG!! some women are just born lucky!



Monalisa Chinda, Actress

I saw pictures of her birthday party on BellaNaija and could not stop “OMGing” at how flawless she looked! she too looks like she takes milk bathes!



Ibidun Ighodalo, CEO Elizabeth R

This preacher’s wife’s skin is soo gorgeously even and flawless!!




Ifeoma Williams, Image Consultant

When I met this beautiful woman, I wanted to go home and toss all my skincare products, like I kept looking at her face to see if there was a crack, a blemish or something!! Her skin is so amazingly even that it has to be genetic!!


So what do you think? if you feel like there’s anyone missing from this list, email us (


1 Comment on Celebrities with the BEST SKIN

  1. definitely rita dominic is missing on this one…her skin is absolutely gorgeous and flawless.


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