myHAIR: Natural Hair(ed) DOLLS!

PHOTOCREDIT: NaturalGirlsUnited(dot)com

These beautiful ethnic dolls all showcase the many colors and styles of black natural hairstyles. Finally, we can teach our children to embrace their natural hair texture at an early age. These dolls are so inspiring because I feel like as black women, we’re finally CLAIMING and Re-Defining what we consider Beautiful!

According to the Founder and Editor of the website (, Karen Byrd “I have wanted to take-on the project of customizing dolls hair, to have the look and feel of styles and textures of African American & Mulit-Cultural (ethnic) women and girls, for a long time. As a young girl, I remember loving to play with my dolls… mainly with my Barbie dolls.  I thought the dolls where beautiful, but always noticed that my African American dolls did not look like me. Their features did not look like mines. And their hair certainly did not look or feel like mine!  This did affect my view of what beauty was. In articles, videos and news stories such as Black Girls Want White Dolls, What a Doll Tells Us About RaceBlack Doll White Doll, White and black children biased toward lighter skin & A Girl Like Me – it is apparent that this is something that affects many children and adults;  and that there is a need for positive community change.”

To find out more about the DOLLS and Natural Girls United, Checkout their website ->


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