myHAIR: Healthy scalp = Healthy Hair

hello Ladies,

wonder why your hair won’t grow past a certain length?

or why it’s always breaking, itchy, dry, brittle, etc?

well it’s time to study your SCALP.

PhotoCredit: Sophisticate’s Black Hair Magazine

RULE no.1 for growing long healthy hair, PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR SCALP.


– it is important to clean your scalp, sounds simply but alot of women forget to do this. Cleaning your scalp rids it of dirt, product build up, residue and debris. While shampooing is important, overdo-ing or not doing it right can actually strip your hair of moisture.

– A tip for properly cleansing your scalp is to dilute your shampoo, especially if you’re using store bought shampoos with strong chemicals.

– If you are adamant about using natural ingredients, making your own shampoo with Baking Soda is a better alternative (Recipe:



– Even before you moisturize, you must should moisturize your scalp. Apply natural oils (shea butter, olive oil, jojoba oil or sunflower oil) directly to the scalp & hair, an 1hr before you shampoo.

– remember moisturizing your hair DOES not mean “GREASING” your hair. Applying petrolateum jelly (a.k.a. vaseline) only blocks your pores.


– Sometimes a flake is a flake, other times dry scalp, flakes, boils on the scalp are a symptom of something more serious, that should be addressed by a dermatologist. When that has been ruled out, topical treatments can follow.

PhotoCredit: Organic Root Stimulator SA

For example:

1) Organic Root Stimulator has a range of products that address different scalp and hair issues.

– Organic Root Stimulator™ Scalp Scrub: This treatment exfoliates the dead skin cells off of the scalp and allows the scalp to breathe and create more blood flow. The hair is nourished by the blood.
Organic Root Stimulator™ Hair Fertilizer: Oils the scalp, nourishishing the hair and creating proper atmosphere for newly emerging

Organic Root Stimulator Scalp Scrub: This exfoliating treatment begins the hair and scalp therapy and regime. Scalp Scrub must be mixed with equal parts of any brand of baking soda or bicarbonate of soda. Use this mixture within 10 minutes of mixing, for maximum results- Hair growth.

2) Diet and Supplement– problematic scalp can be a result of internal issues, lack of protein, etc.

– Improve your diet: A diet enriched with B-vitamins, zinc and certain types of fats can help prevent dandruff.

– Fish Oil supplements have been shown to improve  the overall health of scalp, hair and skin (Be sure to get the advice of a physician before beginning any supplement program)

3) Healthy alternative– tea tree oil and peppermint oil has be shown to reduce dandruff and alleviate itchiness. You can add these oils to your shampoo.

4) Adjust your hairstyle: frequently  using gels that contain alcohol or sodium hydroxide are not healthy for your scalp because they tend to dry the hair and cause breakage.

5) Massage your scalp: It is important to form the habit of massaging your scalp, especially as you apply your natural oil, doing so ensures a healthy blood circulation.


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  1. Hello, can one use baking powder too with organic root stimulator? Does Organic root stimulator work for beards? Thank you:)


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