Hello Ladies, we got an email about suggestions on how to take care of your natural hair while in braids.

While its summer/holiday season and Braids are all the rage, it is important to remember that while stylish, braids if not properly cared for can cause more damage to your hair than good. Below are a few helpful ideas:

  • Make sure your hair is in a HEALTHY CONDITION. Deep condition your hair a week before you braid it. 
  • Even though it is not advisable to relax your hair before braiding it, if you do decide to do so, be sure to do so at least two weeks before braiding your hair, it is NOT ADVISABLE to relax your hair and braid them on the SAME DAY, doing so is damaging to your hair. Image
  • If your hair weak, stressed and overworked, give yourself a hot oil treatment; preferably one with Vitamin E. Vitamin E is formulated to treat dry, stressed and damaged hair.
  • NEXT, Choose your style and extensions carefully!
    1. If you already know that your hair is weak, and breaks easily, don’t put it in micro-braids, it will only add further damage.
    2. When choosing extensions be informed of the following:

i.      Human hair extensions tend to hold more moisture, while synthetic hair tends to strip hair of moisture, so be sure to always moisturize when wearing synthetic hair.

ii.    Fight any scalp irritations you might have with the help of Tea Tree Oil.


While your hair is Braided:

  1. Remeber to moisturize it: oliveoil

– This means buying a braid spray or making your own concoction. A quick and easy one is mixing oils like Olive oil, Jojoba Oil, Water and glycerin ( you can also use it without the glycerin).

2. Pay attention to braid BUILD-UP and NEW Growth

  1. This is when you have too much product or new hair begins to grow. What you do in this instance is reBraid your hair.

3. Remember to Wash

  1. This simply means cleaning the dirt from your scalp.
  2. Be sure to wash your braids once in two weeks, pay particular attention to the scalp.
  3. Cover your braids before you sleep:
    1. Whether it is a hair net or silk scarf, it is important to protect your braids from loosening while you sleep by covering it.

After you take out your braids

  1. You hair should not be in braids for more than 2 months, leaving it longer than necessary can lead to hair-loss. Once you remove your braids, wash and deep condition your hair, as well as give yourself a ‘Hot-oil’ treatment. Be sure to also let your hair rest for at least a week or so before relaxing or braiding it again.



1. Deep Condition your hair before your braid it.

2. Do not braid your hair too tightly

3. Moisturize and wash hair at least once every 2wks

4. Do not leave your braids on for longer than 2 months

5. Keep your braids neat by rebraiding at the sight of new growth

6. Pick a style that will not be too stressful for your hair and scalp.


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