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– In the United States, sales of hair relaxers have gone down? Yep, lots of black women are going NATURAL!! (WooHOO, hopefully this will happen in Naija, this brazilLian trend has got to GO!)

– We can also thank this “Transitioning” to Carol’s Daughter, who have come up with a whole new line of products to help women transition from relaxers to natural hair.

Checkout this promotional video-


Are you considering going the NATURAL ROUTE but not sure what to do? how to start?

– Check out this article on Essence.Com by the Natural Hair diva Curly Nikki!

READER QUESTION: What are the products and tools I will  need to start my natural hair journey?
CURLYNIKKI’s  RESPONSE: Your foray into natural hair can be as involved or as simple  as you choose to make it. Some folks (like myself) go HAM and indulge their  inner product junky, buying up all the latest potions and notions, while others  keep it simple, choosing to purchase the staples and nothing more. Below, I’ll  give you a list of what I consider to be the necessities… no matter the route  you choose.
1. Wide Tooth Comb– Secure a wide tooth  comb, preferably seamless, for detangling your natural curls and coils. My  favorite of the moment is the Ouidad Double Detangler. When your fingers can’t  stand up to the job, your wide tooth comb should be your tool of choice.
2. Satin scarf and/or pillow case – Our hair is  naturally dry and tossing and turning on a cotton pillow case for 8 hours will  leech the little moisture you have right out. To prevent morning tangles and  dryness, invest in a satin pillow case, or better yet, a scarf or bonnet… or  both! My hair is in much better condition now that I consistently wrap it up  every night.
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