Think like a MAN Hair inspiration!

Hey Ladies,

I don’t know if you guys have seen the trailer for the new date movie “Think like a man“, it is sooo cute! Every black girl should see it!

I love the four types of women they used in telling the story of dating woos, and I thought it was interesting how each WOMAN’s hairstyle FIT her personality, career, and love-life situation.

For example:

There’s Mya, the young (probably 20 something) year old woman, tired of hooking up with the wrong man. She’s single, has big dreams of becoming a designer (I think) and sexy. Her short edgy but soft hairstyle represented her “Looking for adventure but confident about who she is personality”



Then there’s Kristen, a real-estate agent in a long term committed relationship waiting for her boyfriend to pop the big question. Since she’s stable in both her career and profession, her hairstyle was very naturallong and somewhat bohemian with its soft waves.



There’s Candace, the busy single mother of 1, looking for a serious boyfriend who could become her husband. Her hairstyle is very simple, long layers, effortless and natural.



and finally, Lauren, the COO of a media company. Lauren is successful, high-powered, and stubborn; she wants a man but is stubborn to admit it.  Her hairstyle is a sexy BoB with sideswept bangs that exude confidence, class, and femininity.

Does your hairstyle say anything about your personality and situation in life? and do you think it should?



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