The WAR against WEAVES (Part 1)

I love me some weaves, like seriously, I like to know that I can go to the hair stylist, sit for 2 hours and come out with a nice 16inch wavy curl, color 4 hair. *sigh* and feel like a diva for a month before I have to go back and refresh it.

But 2 years ago, I noticed that my edges stopped growing. I guess all the years of relaxing, pulling and weaving my hair has taken a toll and so I decided to STOP and go all natural. I did the BIG chop, started reading all the hair blogs I could find on transitioning, made my own daily mixture “Coconut oil, olive oil, + water”, bought my conditioner to Co-Wash my hair and thus began my journey in the natural hair world.

Since I started this journey, I’ve noticed that the more I learn about my hair, the more I shriek at the thought of alllll the major Hair no-nos I practiced in the past; like using Vaseline to grease my scalp. *closes eyes*

I keep thinking how could I be so clueless? How come I never bothered to LEARN about my hair! I mean, it is my HAIR!! How come I let the clueless hair-stylist put questionable GUNK! Not Junk, GUNK! On my hair and then cry when it all starts falling out?

However, my natural hair journey is just that, MINE.

I didn’t do it because it is the trend, because I discovered I was a black Nigerian, because I started listening to Bob Marley, because my bf has dreads (which he doesn’t), or because I COULDN’T AFFORD BRAZLIAN WEAVES!! NO! I did it because my hair was falling out faster than you can say “Jack Robinson” and by the time you say “who the heck is Jack Robinison” I will be bald if I didn’t do anything about it.

Now the reason for writing this long article is because I am tired of this weird war between Natural haired girls and Creamy crack addicts ( lol, I play, I mean none naturals J). Our choices to rock our hair the way we want to, is that, “our choices”. Relaxed, braided, wigs, twisted, dreads, weaves, none is better than the other. We rock our hair based on what works for us.

Being natural does not automatically mean that you HATE weaves, at least not for us at myHairmyBeauty. We are all about HEALTHY hair and scalp. Regardless of how you choose to rock your hair, remember to keep your natural hair (relaxed or not) HEALTHY!

And if you’ve gone so far into bad hair practices that you’re losing your edges and hair, then we will help you reGROW it! That is our pledge on


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