What is your Hair and Beauty GOAL in 2012?

Hi Ladies!! it is already February 2012 so we have 11 more months left to achieve our Hair and Beauty goals! so if you haven’t already started, GET IT ON IT!!

Some of our HAIR goals include:

1. Develop a habit of properly moisturizing our scalp and hair with Jamaican Black Castor Oil

2. Always hydrating from the inside (yes, water helps your hair grow!)

3. Saying NO to TIGHT Braids or Weaves.

4. Learning to LOVE our NATURAL HAIR

Our Beauty goals include:

1. Developing a wash/moisturize routine with trusted beauty brands (as of the moment it is currently Kiehls)

2. Keeping the Acne/Pimple at Bay! (that means our 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide is always handy)

3. Fighting the good fight of Hyperpigmentation with Clinique’s Dark Spot Corrector (has anyone tried this? DOES IT WORK?

What are some of YOUR Hair and Beauty GOALS??

Okay, now for more FUN STUFF!

While perusing through the Kiehl‘s Website, we couldn’t help but fall in love with their new 10.5% Vitamin C serum that promises to:

1. IMPROVE Skin Tone and Texture

2. ERASE wrinkle lines (is it ever too early to fight wrinkles?)

For a while now, we @myHairmyBeauty have been researching the many benefits of adding a Vitamin C serum to one’s beauty routine, and found some of the irresistible benefits to include:

1. Reducing skin inflammation

2. Giving the skin a glow or youthful appearance

3. Sun Protection (apply before sunscreen)

– Currently on the market, there are various forms and brands of Vitamin C Serum, OBAGI (a favorite brand of ours) has a 15% Vitamin C concentration that is reputed to help even one’s skin tone as well as protect against sun damage. OBAGI even has a whole line that infuses Vitamin C with other skincare ingredients.

-You can try Purchase a vitamin C serum through an OBAGI representative (they are in Lagos and Abuja) or….

* If you are in LAGOS and are interested in Purchasing the Kiehl’s 10.5% Vitamin C serum, you can preOrder by sending us an email with

*IF YOU HAVE TRIED VITAMIN C SERUM, tell us what you think!


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