HAIR we LOVE! – Folake Huntoon

As I was perusing through a magazine, I saw beautiful pictures of this fashionista and decided to do a post on her HAIR!!! Here at myHairmyBeauty, we are BIG FANS of signature looks! not to say we don’t like changing it up, but we love women that have fun with their hair, that don’t play it safe, and this Fashion Blogger is definately one.

Folake Kuye Huntoon, is the Blogger behind, Fashion Designer (WeWe Clothing) and a Fashion Stylist. But more than her fabulous BohoChic look, Folake is also known for her fabulous original MANE! Don’t you just love it!! Can you believe that this has been her signature look for 15years??


If you love this look and would like to recreate it, you can do so with KINKY BULK braids!

Remember, if you’re in Lagos, you can buy the items featured by sending us an email (


2 Comments on HAIR we LOVE! – Folake Huntoon

  1. how can i get kinky bulk


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