Black Hair Basics 101

We @ myHairmyBeauty believe that every woman should care for HER hair. Don’t leave it to your Hairstylists!!

Sometimes caring for your Hair can be very hard, especially if you don’t know what Hair products to use or even how to BEGIN!! So we’ve broken it down to you as follows:

yeah, we know it's not ALL hers, but TY BELLO's hair is too FAB 🙂


1. Because of its structure, Black Hair is very DRY and likely to BREAK. When taking care of your hair you need to look out for ingredients that MOISTURIZES  and STRENGTHENS.

2. Most Black Hair problems include: shedding, breakage, dryness, slow growth, thinning, and shedding. Often these problems are a result of diet, Hair-styles, and the weather.

3. Hair breakage is often caused by the usage of excessive heat and chemical products, that damage the hair’s cortex causing it to become very fragile. (Stay clear of Strong Relaxers and Shampoos)

4. When it comes to picking hair products STAY CLEAR of the following ingredients: lanolin, petroleum (or other forms of mineral oil) and sodium laureth sulfate. They clog up your hair’s pores.

5. If you are experiencing slow hair growth, you need to STOP over-styling and relaxing your hair, give it a rest. Check your diet, are you eating enough protein? (Did you Know that hair is made up of approximately 91 percent protein, and long chains of amino acids?). Also don’t forget to take your vitamins (Did you know that BIOTIN a form of Vitamin B, is responsible for hair growth?)

6. Because of its natural Dry state, Black hair NEEDS to be moisturized regularly using natural oils and water-based moisturizers that can deeply penetrate the hair’s shaft (We are big fans of Coconut Oil). If you’re not what a “water-based” moisturizer is, look at the ingredients, if water is listed first, then you’re good.

7. Conditioning your hair is VERY, VERY important. It is HOW you restore and seal in MOISTURE as well as STRENGTHEN your hair (scroll down to Purchase our Pick of the Day)
8. In between styling and relaxing, your hair needs a resting period. After taking out your braids, wait 2 weeks before you RELAX it. (If you can’t wait that long, be SURE it’s more than 1 week.

9.  The truth about Relaxers: Protein bonds (that coil your hair) give it its strength. Relaxers work by breaking down that bond and “straightening it”. Because the protein bond that STRENGTHENS your hair is broken, it is now WEAK, hair is stripped of its elasticity. This is why you have to be careful when RELAXING your hair. Although we (myHairmyBeauty) are not big fans of it, if you must, make sure a specialist relaxers it, DO NOT D.I.Y, and always pick a gentle relaxer.

10. Thinning of the hair along its edges and other regions is a problem experienced by a lot of Black Women. Traction Alopecia (it’s medical term) can range from mild to severe! If you are experiencing this be sure to try some Hair-loss solutions constantly featured on this blog and send us an email (

So there you have it, NO more EXCUSES to be CARELESS about you Hair!

Remember you can shopMyHairMyBeauty in LAGOS by sending us an email (

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3 Comments on Black Hair Basics 101

  1. I wish more black women (Nigerians especially) would take care of their hair and reduce the purchase of weaves.

    I quite dig your blog…great job!


  2. Hi. Dis post is rily helpful especialy to sum1 lyk me dat has natural hair. Pls, can you introduce gud hair products dat wld help my hair


  3. Hi. Dis post is rily helpful especialy to sum1 lyk me dat has natural hair. Pls, can you introduce gud hair products dat wld help my hair grow nd make enhance my natural waves?


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