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Something looks very different with Serena’s face….no she did not get work done, but she (or her makeup artist) CONTOURED her FACE!






What is Contouring?

Facial Contouring is when you Highlight or Shade a feature on your face using light or dark shades of makeup. It is the secret to why alot of celebrities look flawless…Take a looksies:

See how the bridge of her nose is more defined?

Nigerian Actress Omotola Jalede

So HOW do you contour? below is an easy guide. Who needs a plastic surgeoun when you can create strong cheekbones with the right shadows!

So the two words you need to know when contouring is HIGHLIGHTing and SHADING, and the trick is by applying a darker show, you create a false shadow minimizing those areas, while on the contrary, by highlighting with a lighter show you make the feature stand out.

What you’ll need is a contouring brush, two shades of foundation (stick will be best, one lighter than your shade, another darker).  Now you are well equipped below are tips on how to highlight or shade your cheeks, nose and forehead.

So lets get started:

With a foundation that matches your skintone, cover up your imperfections, scars etc.
Start Shading
With a darker foundation minimize the following features by

  1. i.      Shading the sides of your NOSE
  2. ii.      Shade the colors of your cheek and temples
  3. iii.      Shade underneath your chins

Now Highlight

  1. With a lighter foundations shade or Bronzer
    1. i.      Apply on the apples of your cheek
    2. ii.      Apply underneath your eyes in combination with a concealer. Also highlight the center of your eyelid, the middle of your forehead.
    3. iii.      Highlight your cheeks by dusting a lighter foundation or bronzer on the apples of your cheek, as well as the middle of your chin.

Finally BLEND!!

if you MISSED all of that, checkout this youTube Tutorial, courtesy of


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