The ARISE MAGAZINE FASHION WEEK has come and gone and left us with a couple of Hair trends to consider….Turbans, elaborate hair accessories, super sleek banks with long locks and of course Ankara Helmets….Yep you heard me right, Helmets courtesy of Ituen Basi.

Below are the top Hair and Beauty trends from the ARISE MAGAZINE FASHION WEEK. Tell us, which ones you’ll be rocking?

MAKEUP TREND 1: Barely there

Model Makida for House of Nwocha

-Forget the Smoky and colorful eyes, this year’s runway showcased a lighter, classier makeup, very subtle, very natural. This is definately a trend we like. <<













MAKEUP TREND 2: Statement LipsThe runway this year was definately celebrating the puckers, with bold colors that drew attention to the lips, eg; Black and Red lips. >>







HAIR TREND 1: Sleek and Sexy

– Who says you need VOLUME to be Sexy. This year, designers went for a more subtle look. Hair was straightened and let loose or pulled back.



HAIR TREND 2: Back to Africa

– One thing I loved about this inaugural fashion week, is the collective theme of “celebrating Africa”  that was infused in every designer’s collection. If it was not evident in pieces, then it was in the accessories, a common one being the headwraps and turban. <<<





                              HAIR TREND 3: Russian Invasion

Model for Ituen Basi




HAIR TREND 4: Biker Chic

Designer Ituen Basi took it a step further by introducing the “Ankara Helmet”. <<






                                                                                                                HAIR TREND 3: Floral Accessories

       For her Victorian Inspired pieces, Lanre Da  Silva adorned her models with beautiful lady-like floral headpieces reminiscent of that era. >>



  1. I’m not sure about the black lips though but I’m all for floral accessories this year.


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