Totally ‘Wigging out

What’s good beautiful people?

So I’m currently ‘wigging out and loving it. Trying to give my strands a break for a month. WIGs are great hair protectors when trying to grow out your hair.

If you are in need of a breather, below are tips on how to properly WIG out without exacerbating your current hair situation. Enjoy 🙂

Do’s of ‘Wigging out

1. Do SHAMPOO and CONDITION  (I’d advise to CoWASH your hair instead – instead of shampoo, use conditioner while washing)

2. Do AVOID hair breakage by properly wrapping your long hair, or braiding it down into soft cornrows to avoid being taggled up by the Wig combs.

3. Do AVOID wearing Lace Wigs WITH wigs and tapes. Adhesives DAMAGE the hair-line. If you are still adamant about doing so, be sure to SEEK the help of a PROFESSIONAL.

4. Do FIT your wigs. Not only is it uncomfortable to wear wigs that are tight (talk about headaches, ouch) but it is bad for your hair. Also be sure to give your real hair breathing time.

5. Do DRY your HAIR before you wear your wig. Not only is it nasty to do otherwise, but you are actually allowing bacteria to grow.

6. If a thining hairline is not a problem of yours, do have fun with WIGs by rocking a HALF-WIG or 3/4 WIG. Talk about instant glam,

as you go from Corporate bun to Night-time Diva! Not sure of where to get one in Lagos? email us

7.  Do HAVE FUN and switch up your looks!


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